Hi Joe,

I am Jimmy the guy from NC thank you so much for your class. I took several other review courses (Hippo, CME Resources) and never passed. I flew out to see you and passed with a 627 what can I say other than thank you and the east coast needs you.

Your fellow Tar Heel,

Jimmy 2016

Hi Joe!

Wanted to tell you so far all of us USC PAs have passed the PANCE! Yay! Thanks so much! Your class was very helpful and enjoyable.

Holly 2016

Hello Joe,

I am a USC student that took your course at the beginning of May and wanted to send you a HUGE thank you. Everybody I know that took the course, passed the exam. I look forward to coming back for a refresher! Thank you again so much!

Brittney 2016

I accidentally sent my last email before I was done typing.
I did very well on the board recertification and I wanted to thank you.
I enjoyed your course and I learned a lot. You are an excellent teacher.
Thank you.

Barry 2016

Hey Joe it’s Brad Reynolds (classmate with Veronica USC 2004, work at Kaiser Orthopedics) wanted to thank you again for calling me back and explaining the Exam Master explanation on MVP. I took my re-cert last week and just found out that I passed!! You’re class was great and really prepared me for the exam

Brad 2016


Great class as usual! Thanks for your dedication, skill, leadership and commitment to the next generation of PA’s.

Your speech regarding your “passion” and “jar of happiness” was well taken, probably more so with some of the elder PA’s including myself. Definitely food for thought! I hear you and I’m working on mine!

Thanks again Joe, your truly a special person and giving medical provider!

David 2016

Mr. Gilboy, Teacher, Soon-to-be Colleague, and Friend:

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart not only for sharing your valuable wisdom and board prep knowledge with us, but also for reminding us of what truly matters – the journey that is life. These past three days were irreplaceable and will stick with me for the PANCE (in 3 weeks) but, more importantly, will serve as a guiding light for the upcoming adventure that is employment as a true PA-C.

I look forward to staying in touch and I know our paths will cross down the road. Big thanks for the attached handouts and I am sending all the positive energy you shared with us right back to you.

All my best,
Sarah 2016

Dear Joe,

I just wanted to thank you again for your course. It was a big help! I didn’t fall for those sneaky fluoroquinolone questions! I am now certified and will be working in the ER!
And yes, I will be bringing weekly donuts and monthly pizza! Hope all is well!

Vanessa 2015

Dear Joe!

I wanted to thank you for helping
Me out and studying for the recertification exam- u were in my head in the exam. No words can explain my gratitude. I passed:))

See u again in 10 years for another
Recertification prep class.

Have a great week.

Holly 2015

Just wanted to thank you again for helping us study for the PANCE and pass it! Your review course was very helpful 🙂 Today was my first day of orientation at work at Family Health Care Network in CA and I will definitely remember to bring in donuts weekly haha

Have a great weekend!

Cristina 2015

Dear Joe

Thank you for another enlightening class. I enjoyed all the antidotes, info and life lessons. I hope you never retire so I can recert again in 10 years. Have a great evening

Hi Joe! 2015

I failed the PANCE 3 times in a row and found out about your class through the PA forum blog site. I passed with a 620 and I can’t begin to say thank you for coming into my life. You took a desperate and down and out student and turned him into a PA-C

Dereck 2014

I failed the PANCE 3 times in a row and found out about your class through the PA forum blog site. I passed with a 620 and I can’t begin to say thank you for coming into my life. You took a desperate and down and out student and turned him into a PA-C

Dereck 2014

Hi Joe:

Hope you are well!

Just wanted to let you know I took the PANCE again and passed!! Thank you so much for your advice and help.
You said something that really resonated with me, and that was learning to forgive to move on. You have no idea how much that one piece of advice helped me and I had to let you know.

Thanks again!!! 🙂 2014

Hi Mr. Gilboy,

Hope all is well. I took your review course in April and just wanted to let you know that I aced my PANCE, and even scored in the top 10% in almost all of the subject areas. They tried to “jack” me on several questions, but I “jacked” them back and then some 😀. Again, thanks for all the help and advice.

Vin 2014

HI Joe

So here is the good news!

I wanted to let you know and thank you profusely for giving me your time and energy.
What can I do to thank you?

Valerie 2013

Hey Joe,

Just wanted you to know I passed my recertification exam and raised my score by over 100 points! Thanks, Joe, for the great review course. I’ll recommend it highly for any PA, even 36 year vets like me who have forgotten a lot of stuff practicing only urgent care and occ med for the past 33 years.

Thanks again,

Gary 2013

Good Afternoon Joe 🙂

Just wanted to say Thank you for helping me pass my boards! I am officially a licensed Physician Assistant and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Amber 2013

Hi Joe,

I would like to Thank You for providing an awesome learning experience. I have to say, after spending my last two weekends with you, I was never once bored, lost or feeling like I was going to fall asleep in your class. You truly have a gift and thank you for giving back to all of us.

This was the 3rd time for me and I’m sure I will see you again in 6 years…well hopefully sooner for fun.

Thank you again !!!!!

Rene 2013

Hi Joe
Just a thank you for your excellent review course in August. I took the PANRE the first week of December and passed.
I “jacked them back”.
Thanks again.

–Miguel 2013

Hi Joe,

This is Jenn, the one that was pregnant at your last review at Hoag. This is long overdue, but I just wanted to thank you for all the great lessons and tips on how to take the PANRE. Especially given my circumstances, it definitely paid off to take your review course. Since then I did pass the PANRE and had my baby. In fact, I still listen to your lectures while I go on walks with my newborn. I think she recognizes your voice from being in utero because she seems to get real calm when I play the lectures. Haa.


Thanks for everything! I passed my boards just found out this morning!
Thanks for your review class and teaching us all you did, money well spent!

Ashley 2012

Hey Joe

It’s Rachel aka Diva. Just wanted to let you that I passed my boards! Just found out today. I definitely heard your voice during the test. Can’t thank you enough.

See you for recertification.

Rachel 2012

Thanks Joe for your review help. I passed with a 713.

I know 2 of my classmates got 800’s!

You rock. There is a party planned for the swim up bar at CAPA.

Ryan 2012

I met you at the Monterrey conference in the Fall. You gave a presentation on the Pance/panre exams and preparing for them. I came up to talk to you after your talk and explained that I was seeking to re-certify after being out of the profession since 1986. I told you that I was needing work on medications since I last practiced. You handed me your copy of the 2011 Medicine Review Schedule Touro University and told me it was all in there.

I spent the next 2 months studying both the Blaylock and your book. I took the test 1/17 and was just notified that I had passed. Not only did I pass but I scored a 691 (98th percentile).

I want to sincerely thank you for giving me your text- it was a very valuable study piece.

Thank you again-

Karla 2012

Dear Jo
I am a student from Stanford that took the PANCE last Friday. I brought my husband with me to the last 2 day review.
Anyway, I wanted to thank you for all the useful information and I wanted to let you know that I scored an 800 on the exam. I even received a 100% in the neuro section. Maybe I should go into neurology instead of internal med…. Haha
I thought you would be proud.
Thank you and I appreciate the work you do

Rachel 2012

just wanted to say thank you so much Joe for not only preparing me for the PANCE but for also making me understand the physics behind the medicine. I took the PANCE a few weeks ago and passed with flying colors. AND yes, I heard your voice the whole time. 🙂

Ana 2011

I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your awesome board review coarse, I passed my PANRE with a score of 700! THANKS SO MUCH JOE!

Amanda 2011


I wanted to thank you for the PANCE/PANRE review course that you did in March. I took my PANCE on June 9 and scored in the 96th percentile. I definitely had questions on the test where I heard your voice telling me what to choose. Thanks again for all of your help!


Michael 2011

Dear Joe,

I passed my boards!

and guess what?! Your voice was in my head! Haha! 🙂 Thank you!


Morgan 2011

Hi Joe-

Wanted to let you know I passed the PANCE last month and your voice was in my head! Thanks!

Candice 2011

Hey Joe,

Chad and I took the PANRE 2 weeks after your March class ended and passed! Thanks so much. Your class was great.

Michelle and Chad 2011

Hey Joe, its Joe from Stanford! I passed my PANCE and I have you to thank!!!! Your voice was perpetually in my head as I read questions about beta blockers, endocarditis and “murmurs.” God bless you my brother!

Joe 2011

Hello Joe,

Thank you for your help!
Now I’m a PA-C. It was true
I was listening your voice during the exam!

Jorge 2011

Hi Joe,

Thank you very much!!! After taking your class, I was able to pass my very 1st PANRE! The PANRE was especially a challenge to me since I have been working in dermatology since graduating PA school!

Teri 2010

Hey Joe,

I PASSED!! I want to thank you for the great class!! You’re right I heard your voice throughout the exam….to the point after the test I got a Skye and redbull.

Take care

Robert 2010

Passed my test. Thanks for your great class.

Pam 2010

You did it again!!!!! I seriously could have never passed it without taking your class!! I really appreciate your help!!

See you in 6 years if not sooner at a conference.
Thanks again,

Lauren 2010

Hi Joe

It’s Shelly from SJVC who has been struggling to pass the PANCE. Well, I am very proud to say that I PASSED!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!! I took your class back in March & recorded you & am thankful I did cuz I was listening to the tape on my way to take my exam & everything you lectured on cardio was on the test!! THANK YOU JOE!!!

Shelly 2010

Hello Mr.Gilboy,

Just want to share with you. I’m officially a PA-C yesterday. Thank God that guided me to your class and thank You to be “the instructor”.
God bless you.

Kathy 2010

It was an honor having you as a Board instructor, Teacher, and Friend. I only hope to do right as a colleague and be just as awesome a PA as you’ve become! Like you said this isn’t good bye, until then, stay thirsty…where’s the hornitos! Thank you, Thank you for everything!


-Hung 2010

Hi Joe!

Just wanted to drop you a quick line, wishing you a Merry Christmas and letting you know I PASSED the PANRE!!! (phew!) Thanks a million for letting me get into your November review class in your home! It definitely was elemental in my passing.

April 2009

Hi Joe,

Just wanted you to know that today I officially became a PA-C.
Thank-You for all of your assistance.

LaTonya 2009

Thanks so much for this REALLY REALLY GREAT review class.

I am feeling confident and ready – and am really enjoying Joe’s information and charismatic presentation. He not only packs in a tremendous amount of info but gives some real gems in terms of life experience/”suggestions” that I hope everyone takes to heart.

Thanks again,

Ck 2009

My name is JB and I am in the PA Medicine Review Class here at Touro University Nevada (the white guy in the first row sitting next to my younger Asian-American buddy). I am writing to say thanks for this awesome review!

JB 2009

Hello Joe,
Thanks again for the review session. I was getting burnt out from PA school and didn’t feel like studying anymore. But, you put that fire under my butt to study and refocus again. I “PASSED” boards, yeah!!!. I have also recommended your review session to numerous PA students back at campus at Western.

Thanks again,

Merilynn 2009

Hi Joe,

I PASSED, Thank you for your review, it was excellent the way you teach and put thing in the head. I call your review bk as Bible for PA’s Now what is your advise for CME’s.

Monika (UC Davis student) 2009

Hi Joe,

I passed, I passed!! Muchas gracias, mahalo nui loa, for the help. You gave me confidence!

Lisa 2009

Hi Joe,

I was in your UC Davis board review and just wanted to let you know I passed with a 514. In 16 sections I scored over 75% and applying scientific concepts I scored 88%. Can’t thank you enough

Jack 2009

his is Scott from the LLU class 2008. You were right. I heard your
voice and passed the PANCE as of this morning. Thank you for the
review. It was fantastic. I will be in touch, particularly in 6

Scott 2008


Just thought I would let you know that I passed the Pance first try last week. I was one of the UC Davis students that took your review in June who also had the short mishap with the packrat. Got through both in a timely manner. Thanks for all of your help.

Robyn 2008

Hi Joe, how are you,

I took PANCE on August 19 and passed it. My score result is 664( passing score was 350)
Thank you again. I enjoyed participating in your lectures.

Sincerely Ani( from UC Davis PA program) 2008

Dear Joe Gilboy,

I am your student from UC Davis. I was in your class in June. I passed the PANCE with good score.
Your 4-day review course and the book was very helpful.

thank you

Samim 2007

Hello Joe,

I am one of the PCAP students who took your review session. I passed my PANCE. Overall, it was harder than I thought, but I did well. Anyway, your review session was very helpful and I am glad I took it. Thank you for all your help!

Gee 2007

Joe, passed boards 2 weeks ago and wanted to thank you
for let me attend your review class. Also appreciated
taking the time to speak to me about military pa
opportunities. Happy holidays with family and friends.

Your friend,

Javier 2006

want to give you a BIG THANK YOU, your review course was lock on
the course gave me the unshakable confidence that i needed.
i passed the boards with ease
you are the go to guy for board review
i always throw your name in the conversation
when i am ask what is one of the thing that
help me prepare for the PANCE.

thanks JOE
Corpsman UP

Kyle 2006

Dear Mr. Gilboy

Recently Dulce sat for the board exam on Dec. 1st. We also learned that she has passed and has been issued a certification number.

Mr. Gilboy, I just wanted to take a moment of your time to extend my gratitude to you because you played a part in this. I remember you told Dulce that each year you allow a select number of students to take your class without cost if they are in need or have financial difficulties – for that I am thankful. Over the course of the past two years since Dulce has started the PA program and as I began occupational therapy school, we have been shown acts of kindness that she and I cannot forget.

Husband of Dulce 2006

Dear Joe,

I just got word that I passed my board exam!!! I took it Nov 2nd, and my results came yesterday.

Joe, there’s no way I could have been successful without your patience, encouragement, and academic instruction. The Lord has truly been gracious to me by placing you in my path.

Many Thanks,

Drew Class 40 2006

I was the 3rd student to take the board. Since then there have been 10 of us total…….., and we’ve all passed.

Hi Joe,

Its me Mania, Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam and wanted to thank you for that. I’m glad I took the course because it prepared me for the structure and the format of the exam and opened my eyes to a lot of important aspects of the exam, which I probably could not figure out on my own through the lack of experience.

Mania 2006

Thanks again for a great class. The review was done in such a way that it was easy to remember and you kept it interesting.

Chad 2005

No… thanks for your help! Apparently, I passed the PANCE thanks to you. Whew! I really appreciated your medical wisdom, your concept-based approach and your energy in presentation. All the rumors are true: your class is a must.

If there’s ever anything you need, anything I can do to return the favor, give me a call or send me a note anytime.


Neil 2004

He is a respected speaker and PA, and evaluations of his talks have always been high in their marks. His speaking abilities and knowledge base are sought after, and his audiences always full. After leaving the room, I have always heard nothing but praise for Mr. Gilboy. I must tell you that I have always been grateful to have been the speaker before Mr. Gilboy at the USC graduation. He would have been a hard act to follow.

Julie 2004

I was in your review class in Fresno in July. Took my exam 15 AUG, received my results on 25 AUG- PASS. Thank you, you helped put some “organization to the messy garage.”

William 2003

I am a USC Physician Assistant graduate in 2003. I have taken Joe Gilboy’s Preparation class for the PANCE. It was very helpful in understanding concepts of medicine such cardiovascular diseases, pulmonology, gastrointestinal diseases such as pathology, etiology and management that we will as physician assistants need to understand when we will be encountering

Kimberly 2003

Testimonials for PA Board Review