Welcome to the site and my name is Joe Gilboy the individual who leads the review. I am a graduated of the Duke University PA Program in 1984 and then went on to complete the ER PA Residency Program at USC LA County Hospital in Los Angeles, California. I have been working in ER medicine for over 28 years and have also spoken at the AAPA and CAPA conferences over the last 20 years.

I have been giving a board review program for over the last 23 years and it has become a very successful review. It originated back at USC in 1991 along with two of my greatest mentors Les Howard and Rosie McCann. We began a program for the graduating seniors and after leaving in 1992 I started my own and it has grown over the years. I give it at several schools and also at some out of state programs.

I believe in the “Old School” technique of teaching which is you must interact with students for them to learn and you must also engage them to think and understand concepts. I have also learned from experience that it is vital to to spread the large amount of information over time. It is too much information to go over in a weekend class and a computer will not answer a question you may have and most importantly humans learn from other humans not machines.

View getting ready for the boards as a long journey into the world of medicine and view me as your GPS navigator. I will get you where you need to be in a timely manner and prevent any wrong turns or detours along the way